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At Atlas University Medical Faculty Medicine Hospital Nutrition and Diet department, nutrition, nutrition of institution employees, infant, child, adult, elderly, pregnant-lactating, obese, poor nutrition, nutrition therapy suitable for diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, digestive system disorders) ) services are provided in related fields. The purpose of the department; To create awareness of healthy nutrition in the society and to provide nutrition and diet services that will support the healing process of patients.

One of the important elements of preventive and curative health services is a healthy diet. Nutrition and Diet department experts, to their clients; gives information about how the diet should be suitable for their own lifestyle and healthy eating and living. In addition, he supports his clients on how the diet to be followed during the illness should be, the rules to be followed in the preparation and cooking of foods.

During the first examination, the nutrition and diet specialist learns the nutritional problems of individuals (weight, disease) in detail, examines their eating habits, and determines the age of metabolism, body fat, muscle, water ratio and their distribution with a body analyzer. Afterwards, a “personalized nutritional treatment” is planned in line with age, height, gender, physical activity and blood findings and is followed up regularly.

Nutrition And Diet
Nutrition And Diet

Services Provided in the Department of Nutrition and Diet;

  • weight loss program,
  • weight loss program,
  • Nutrition program in diabetes,
  • Nutritional therapy in cardiovascular diseases,
  • Nutrition in liver diseases,
  • nutritional therapy,
  • Nutrition in kidney diseases,
  • Nutrition in cancer
  • Eating disorders,
  • Nutritional therapy in digestive system diseases,
  • Nutrition for women
  • Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation,
  • nutrition in menopause
  • Nutrition in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,
  • Nutrition in the premenstrual period,
  • Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition,
  • Sports nutrition.
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